'Death Race 3' Has Found Its Director

Roel Reiné on the set of 'Death Race 2'
No big surprises here.  Roel Reiné, who directed Death Race 2, is officially attached to direct Death Race 3.

Roel Reiné, who directed the DVD hit ‘DEATH RACE 2’ and just finished his latest film for Universal Studios, ‘SCORPION KING: BATTLE FOR REDEMPTION’, will step back into the director’s seat for ‘DEATH RACE 3’.
Paul Anderson and Jeremy Bolt, the original director and producers of the movie ‘Death Race’ in 2008 with Jason Statham and the producers for ‘Death Race 2’ in 2010, are also producing this third episode.
With the critical acclaimed and commercial successful ‘Death Race 2’, starring Luke Goss, Sean Bean, Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo, director Roel Reiné raised the bar for movies that were produced for the Home Entertainment market and many claimed that the movie should have had a theatrical release.
The same creators now return to make another episode in this popular franchise.  
Death Race 3 will take place in a different prison in Africa, where the iconic character Frankenstein (played by Luke Goss) has to race his fellow prisoners in all newly designed and newly build ‘Death Race Cars’.
Shooting will start this November in South Africa.