'Scream 5' Storyline In The Works

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The wheels of Scream 5 may be starting to roll a little over at Dimension...
Buried within Wes Craven’s answers in a new interview with Arrow in the Head is general word that the Weinsteins are actively developing a Scream 5 idea right now which is a critical point of difference to the project up to recently being in a holding pattern.
SCREAM 4 certainly was conceived as the first of a new trilogy. Kevin [Williamson] sketched out a trilogy arc, that was the original concept. I’m sure the studio would like to do the rest of the trilogy, and it seems like the box office – the foreign sales – has justified doing another one. And then it’s a matter of a script that’s worthy of being the second installment.
From what I hear, that’s probably what Bob [Weinstein] is doing right now, trying to get to that second concept for a second film.
Overall Craven provides an insightful discussion as always, illuminating upon why Scream 4‘s aftermath scene was removed and how working with Bob Weinstein can sometimes be a real “scream” among other topics. Read the full Interview at Arrow.
Thanks to Scream-Trilogy.net for the scoop!