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'The Crow' Remake Lawsuit Settled

The on-and-off-again remake for the 1994 movie The Crow , starring Brandon Lee, has been plagued with issues by the studios in… Read more

'Psycho' Gets A TV Prequel Series

Much like the 1987 TV movie Bates Motel , A&E is resurrecting the idea for their network.  Here's the latest... A&am… Read more

'Re5ident Evil: Retribution' Plot Synopsis Revealed

The full plot synopsis for Re5ident Evil: Retribution has been revealed, as well as a slight title change (adding a '5'… Read more

'The Evil Dead' Remake Has Its Lead

The new lead character has been found for The Evil Dead  remake.  The original franchise's lead was Bruce Campbell who'… Read more

'Paranormal Activity 4' Officially Confirmed

So it's officially official, Paranormal Activity 4 has been confirmed... This morning Paramount Pictures sent out a pre… Read more

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