Michael Keaton Meets About 'Beetlejuice 2'

So it's pretty much official now: Michael Keaton wants very much to reprise his infamous Beetlejuice role.
Shock asked him for the latest on the project and to see how close the sequel was to becoming a reality.  "It's a reality in the sense that I met with Michael Keaton last week," Grahame-Smith told us.  "We talked for a couple of hours and talked about big picture stuff.  It's a priority for Warner Bros.  It's a priority for Tim.  Right now, I am writing an animated movie for Tim based on an idea of mine.  Then I adapt Unholy Night [based on the upcoming book].  The third I am hoping is Beetlejuice in terms of writing schedule."
And what was Keaton's excitement level like?
"Huge," the writer added, "he's been wanting to do it for 20 years and he'll talk to anybody about it who will listen.  I really told him, I have a huge reverence for Tim and a huge reverence for that film in general.  I don't think we should do it if we shit on the legacy.  He agrees.  So, right now, it remains to be seen, I have a couple of story ideas, but we're very early out."
Source: Shock Till You Drop