Michael Bay's Adaptation Of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Receives New Title

As we all know, Michael Bay is making a new film about the Turtles but the Turtles are not mutants... they are aliens which is supported by co-creator Peter Laird. 

We also know that he had a message to the fans of the Turtles telling them to chill out and not to jump to any conclusions because he making a richer world for them.  We will see.

From Bleeding Cool, the new title for the film looks to be supporting Bay's idea of a "richer world"  and also looks like he is making the turtles not teenagers by simply calling the film just, 'Ninja Turtles'.  Yes, it's just a title but a title tells you a lot about a film and the title definitely helps the argument from the fans that Bay is completely changing a lot of the backstory.

The film is being funded by Nickelodeon and Paramount and will be produced by Bay and I'm sure is also helping out with the script.

How will this all turn out?  If the backstory is going to be a lot different than what the fans of the Turtles are used to, then how will Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo turn out?  Who knows, maybe this will be an awesome film.  Who knows...

Source: Cinema Blend