Will Ferrell To Star In 'Crazy U'?

Crazy U is about a dad who tries to do anything to get his son into "the most sought after and expensive private college consultant in the country". 

Will Ferrell has starred in a lot of comedy films such as 'Old School', 'Anchorman' and 'The Other Guys' but my personal favorite film of his right now is 'Everything Must Go' in which he plays a down on his luck guy who decides to hold a garage sale of all his belongings.  It's a great film.

Will Ferrell's latest film, Casa De Mi Padre, hasn't done so well in the box office, only making a little more than $4 million dollars but the budget for the film was only about $6 million so it isn't too bad.
I personally, want to see Casa De Mi Padre but I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD.

For Will Ferrell, it will be interesting to see him play a dad.

What do you think?  A good casting choice?

Source: Deadline