Andy Lau Close To Signing On To Be In 'Iron Man 3'

With the recent news that Walt Disney Company China & DMG are going to co-produce Iron Man 3, it should come as no surprise that they will also put Chinese faces in the film as well and who better to be in the film than one of the biggest Hong Kong stars today. 

Andy Lau is very close to signing on to be in Iron Man 3 to play an old friend of Tony Stark's that represents China's technology sector.

The cast just keeps on growing with Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce and just recently Jessica Chastain to be in the film as well.

Lau isn't very well known to the masses in the USA so having him in this film will hopefully help people look up his long Hong Kong work.  He is probably best known to American audiences as being in films such as, House of Flying Daggers and Infernal Affairs (which The Departed was STRONGLY based on). 

I wonder if more Chinese actors or actresses will be in this film as well.  We will wait and see.

So, what do you think of this casting news?

Source: Neon Punch 
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