'Bond 24' Getting Prepped Up For A 2014 Release

Skyfall is scheduled to be released this November and Columbia and Sony are already gearing up for the next Bond film -- to be released in 2014 and probably another November date.

Daniel Craig can opt out of Bond 24 but he says he will likely stick around and considering if the script is to his liking.  I hope he stays for Bond 24 at least.

Other big news is that Skyfall's first trailer will premiere alongside Men In Black 3's theatrical release. 

Entertainment Weekly has a transcript of an exchange between Bond and an interrogator.

“Country …” the examiner begins.
“… England,” Bond replies flatly.
“Gun …” the man says.
“… Shot,” Bond says.
“Agent …”
“… Provocateur,” Bond says.
“Murder …”
“… Employment,” Bond growls.
“Skyfall …”
Bond hesitates.
The examiner repeats it: “Skyfall …”
“… Done”

Then it ends with Bond saying:

Some men are coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.

Skyfall will be released in October in the UK (nice!) and November in the US.  I can't wait for Skyfall to come out.  Are you excited?

Source: Bleedingcool 

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