Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg Done Plotting 'The World's End'

Shaun of the Dead came out in 2004 and became a hit to everyone's delight.  Hot Fuzz came out in 2007 and proved to be a hit as well. Now, the third and final part of The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy will finally be seeing the light of day with The World's End.  It is slated for a 2014 release!

Simon Pegg, who is busy acting in the Star Trek sequel, promised production after his time on Star Trek is all done.  I can't wait for The World's End to come out!

The film will star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost ( how could it not???) and be directed by Edgar Wright (duh!!!).  The film is going to be a parody of sci-fi/disaster films which actually comes at a good time since Pegg is in Star Trek.  Shaun of the Dead is considered to be one of the best zombie films ever made and Hot Fuzz was a brilliant buddy cop film.   Here's hoping The World's End will be as good, if not, better than the first two!

Are you super excited for this?  Shooooooooot-- I know I am!

If you don't believe me -- below is the photo from Simon Pegg's personal twitter page.

(By the way, that reads February 5th, 2012.  That's the European way of writing dates.)

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