Golden Raspberry Holds Ceremony On April Fool's Day To Celebrate The Worst Films Of 2011

This isn't really movie news per se, but the Golden Raspberry Awards are hilarious to me!

A record setting 12 wins for Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill in all the categories it was nominated in including, Worst Actor (for Adam Sandler) Worst Actress (for Adam Sandler) and Worst Picture.  Jack and Jill beat out Battlefield Earth for most Razzie wins.  Wow, that's bragging rights right there!

Usually, the Golden Raspberry Awards are held a day before the Academy Awards but it was decided in January 2012 to delay both the Razzie nomination announcements and ceremony by several weeks in order for the ceremony to be held on April Fool's Day.  I think the Golden Raspberry Awards should be held on April Fool's Day all the time.

Have you seen Jack and Jill?  I have not so I don't know.  Maybe, I'll watch it and do a review on it soon.
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