'Leprechaun: Origins' Gets Release Date, Lead Cast

The Leprechaun remake that is under way with Lionsgate and WWE now sports a new title, Leprechaun: Origins, and has a tentative release date of March 2013.

The reboot of the "Leprechaun" franchise, "Leprechaun: Origins," bows in March, as a co-production with Lionsgate and is set to star WWE's Hornswoggle.
Yes, Hornswoggle has been cast as the Leprechaun.  Don't know if I like this choice or not.  I'd prefer Warwick Davis return, as would many of you.

Even though this is being billed as a remake, the new title would suggest it's a prequel -- but most likely, it's probably more of a reboot.   Either way, I am mildly excited for this project...and completely thrilled that this is not taking place "in the hood", or in Vegas or space.  Take this shit back to O'Grady farm!

Source: Variety