No More Martinis For James Bond

Martinis have been James Bond's choice of drink for pretty much forever but now it looks like he is ditching the drink for something a little more... green.  Heineken will be Bond's new choice of beverage in the latest Bond film, Skyfall

Daniel Craig, who has played James Bond in the previous two Bond films, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, is also doing a commerical for Heineken, in full 007 mode.  Sam Mendes is directing both the advert and Skyfall

Product placement is nothing new for Bond.  The previous two Bond films sold millions of dollars for companies to advertise in the films so this comes as no surprise.

I'm sure the filmmakers have an interesting way of having Bond ditch the martini for Heineken, like maybe martinis aren't available at where he is getting the drink from or he's just in the mood for something else.  You know, try something different.

I'm looking forward to Skyfall but what do you think?  A good decision on the filmmakers' part?

Source: Beyond Hollywood