'Rurouni Kenshin' Live Action Behind The Scenes Video

While there have been a slew of anime getting the Hollywood treament with not so good results, Japan has done their own live-action adaptations of anime.  Death Note was a huge anime here in America and it got a live-action adaptation in Japan which I actually enjoyed watching.  Now, another popular anime in both Japan and America is getting the live-action treatment. 

Having been in production for a while, this behind the scenes video is an interesting look at how an animated series can be turned into live-action.  Not an easy task for sure.

Takeru Satoh leads as the title swordsman and the video shows off his sword skills.

The video was released a few days ago but I just now feasted my eyes on it. I'll definitely try to watch this film.  Looks like it could be a decent live-action adaptation.

Check out the video below! (The video is in Japanese with NO subtitles)

The film will be released on August 25th and released to DVD shortly afterward.

Source: Ani.me
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