'The Strangers 2' Update From Producer Marc D. Evans

This news is a little over a week old now, but figured we'd share it anyway.  Producer Marc D. Evans was at a junket for John Cusack starrer The Raven, and spoke a little about the upcoming sequel, The Strangers 2.

I have to ask about The Strangers 2.
"Yes. 'The Strangers 2'. Well, I think that's been a bit more of a saga than we would have all liked, and it's a result of companies being sold and moved around and things like that. But the goal is to move that ahead this fall. Relativity and I have a great script that we love and and we're in the process of putting that together to get it moving."
Do you have a director yet?
"I can't say at the moment. I know, but I can't say. That news will be coming soon, somewhere. We're very excited to have that move forward and get off the ground. I wish this was the 'Strangers 3' at this point, but sometimes things don't always move at the pace that you'd like."
Source:  Bloody-Disgusting