TV Review: 'The Legend Of Korra' Episode 4

Welcome back my fellow Korra fans and thanks for reading this review. 

After the beginning of the Equalist revolution, Tarrlok, a Councilman of Republic City, tries to get Korra to join his task force to fight Amon.  At first he fails so he tries to shower her with gifts like a vehicle but she still doesn't accept.  Korra is afraid of Amon after having a nightmare of him taking her powers at the beginning of the episode and that's the driving force behind her decision NOT to accept.  But after she accepts an invite to go to a party of his and gets hounded by reporters on WHY she won't accept his offer to join, she finally accepts.  All in Tarrlok's plan!  I'll bet anything that Tarrlok is working for Amon.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

The task force's first raid is at the Equalist's training facility and it succeeds.  Korra also challenges Amon to a fight on Aang Memorial Island.  Don't worry, Tarrlok has his people watching over her when it all goes down.  Don't make me laugh because Amon, being the smart guy that he is, ambushes her and secretly tells her that he will save her for last and he doesn't want to take any chances on taking her power until everyone else has their powers taken.  Smart move Amon.  You have to admit, Amon is pretty smart.

Meanwhile, in the B plot, Mako gets hit (literally) by Asami Sato, who was riding her motorbike.  She feels really bad so she invites him to eat dinner.  A date pretty much.  Love is in the air!
After dinner, he meets her dad Hiroshi Sato (voiced by Lost and Hawaii Five-O star Daniel Dae Kim) and learning about Mako and the other Fire Ferrets have major financial problems, he tells him that he will gladly sponsor them in the competition which he is extremely happy about.   We then see them in a taxi together and getting more comfortable with each other.  Fast love at work here folks!

So, yeah, that's the story.  It's pretty much a character study of how Korra is manipulated into doing something she didn't really want to do but she ends up doing it anyway.  It's a good episode but not as good as the previous episode.  Mako's story was just to introduce a romantic interest for him and I'm sure will cause conflict between Mako, Asami and Korra (which Korra did meet Asami in this episode too).   The animation is amazing as always and though I shouldn't always mention that, I will because the animation is... well... amazing!  Bolin has a small part in this episode cause Korra talks to him about Tarrlok, who Bolin is at first jealous of but then when she tells him he's just an older councilman guy, he's all like, "Oh, that's even better!"  Bolin loves Korra.  It's so obvious. (Am I right or am I right???)

Overall, a decent episode but not as good as episode 3.  The show is still young so it still has time to set its footing. 

Next week -- Episode 5!

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