'Bad Santa 2' Possible?

Bad Santa was a great off beat comedy about Willy the lovable, yet unfiltered mall Santa whose no apologetic lifestyle leaves the audience loving and hating him all at once in the brilliant cult classic. The ending of the movie really left no room for a sequel, but tell that to Billy Bob Thornton.
Reporters recently chatted up with Thornton at the Berlin Film Festival - where he debuted  'Jane Mansfield's Car' - and Thornton stated that production should being around Fall 2012 for 'Bad Santa 2'.
Thornton also noted that the rough draft was completed, but the writer would be finalizing the script after a few needed changes. The whole group is pushing for a December 2013 release for the holiday season.

It was rumoured negotiations began around spring 2011, but Thornton was already very enthusiastic about the project. It is still uncertain who will direct the picture, but as long as Willie can bring our favorite mall Santa back to his on screen greatness the film should have decent money- making potential. Either way the cult following will still be there.