PSOne Game 'Tomba' Coming To The Playstation Network

Tomba, the platformer which starred a pink haired caveman, will be released on the Playstation Network from MonkeyPaw Games.

John Greiner, the President of MonkeyPaw Games, said:

"Sony and MonkeyPaw have a good working relationship.  I think they appreciate the titles we've brought to the Store. And they value the support we give the games. Having a plethora of Japanese content is a distinct advantage PlayStation has over Xbox. But the games still need to be brought Stateside. So our model helps Sony spread their Japanese edge and we help Japanese developers get their titles to a wider audience. Hence, Sony is willing to work with us on titles that may not have otherwise been licensed out. Support is key."

Monkey Paw has been working hard to get the rights for Tomba.

"We often have to chase down multiple right holders," Greiner said. "In this case, Sony and Whoopee Camp had rights that needed to be negotiated." The deal didn't necessarily include the sequel, however. "Tomba! 2 is a possibility but we need to really sell Tomba! 1 well before we can extend our relationship," Greiner explained. "It's the first time to work with Fujiwara-san so we're trying to make a good impression. Good sales have a way opening doors a bit wider."

Source: Joystiq