Toonami On Adult Swim Coming Back -- With ''New Original Anime Programming''

Adult Swim, which is the network paired up with Cartoon Network, ran an April Fool's Day joke that had Toonami on the air as if nothing had happened -- and what I mean by that is that it wasn't taken off the air back in 2008 after an 11 year run.  Toonami ran classic anime and other action-oriented programming that introduced many to the world of anime through anime shows like Naruto, .hack//SIGN, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Dragon Ball Z to name just a few.

Adult Swim asked its Twitter followers in April after the "joke" if they wanted to see Toonami back and there was overwhelming demand for it to be brought back.  It will be returning every Saturday night from 12-6 am.

Along with this amazing and awesome announcement, Adult Swim has also stated that they will be developing 'new original anime programming' for the return of Toonami.

This is an exciting development.  So... what programs would you like to see on Toonami

Source: Crunchyroll