TV Review: 'The Legend Of Korra' Episode 5

Sorry, I know this review is a bit late so without further ado...

The Fire Ferrets are in the pro-bending tournament thanks to their sponsor Hiroshi Sato who also happens to be Mako's girlfriends' dad.  Korra is sad about Mako's relationship and feels terrible.  She confesses to him about how she feels and awkwardness ensues.  Oh, and Bolin really likes Korra too and they go on a "date".  Later on, Mako and Korra kiss and Bolin conveniently sees them from behind.

Yeah, there is a pro-bending tournament but the real story is the love triangle (or is that square) between Korra, Mako and Bolin ( you can add Asami to that too).  I don't know but it really seems like they forced this story.  Everything happens really quickly, like there is very little depth to the love story.  It just happens. 

Oh yeah, let me talk about the pro-bending sport. (Can't forget about the pro-bending...)  It reminds me of the Disc Wars in Tron: Legacy.  I don't know, it just does.  All the flipping, rolling and jumping around all while dodging stuff.  Yeah, it reminds me of the Disc Wars!  The Fire Ferrets get to the finals but they find themselves having to face an even tougher opponent in the Wolfbats, who are led by their leader best described as "I'm a badass on the outside but a wuss on the inside" character. (That's all I want to say about that for now). 

This is so far the weakest episode of the series.  I don't mind a love story but come on, give it some more depth than what we saw.  I like that Korra and Mako stay friends at the end but this episode was really just filler so that there would be tension between Mako and Bolin.  I get that this was going to happen eventually but this early in the series?  Oh, and I bet that Mako and Korra get together at the end of the series AND Bolin meets a girl, falls in love with her and forgets about the whole "Borra" thing.  Yeah -- I made that nickname up!

I almost lost faith in this show because of this episode but I will not give up.  I know for a fact that they will focus on the real story at hand -- Korra fulfilling her destiny.   Get to it people!

Next week -- Episode 6!

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