TV Review: 'The Legend Of Korra' Episode 6

Time to see if this episode is better than the previous episode. 

The Fire Ferrets are preparing for their championship pro-bending game against the Wolfbats and Amon has plans of his own: cancel the game or he will retaliate against the city.  Tenzin and to the Fire Ferret's surprise Tarrlok are in favor of Amon's demands so that no one will be hurt but to everyone's surprise, Lin is against Amon's demands and even challenges Tarrlok in saying that he should also be the one to be against it.  Tarrlok reconsiders and changes and his mind.  The game continues on as is with Lin offering her duties to protect the game and Tenzin, despite being against the ordeal, helps out Lin.

Korra, being the nosey person she is, dusts off some info from Tenzin and finds out that Lin and Tenzin were romantically involved a while back.  Despite this, Tenzin and Lin work together "like old times."

During the game, the Wolfbats use some dirty tactics and the Fire Ferrets also come to the conclusion that the Wolfbats had paid the refs to call the game.  The Ferrets decide to win the game fair and square but that doesn't go as well as planned.  Amon attacks the game and destabilizes the metalbender police, Tenzin and even take the Wolfbats bending abilities away, fulfilling his promise that he would attack the city.  Republic City is now in the brink of war by the Equalists.

This episode was way better than the previous episode.  They go back to the Equalist story line and it pays off dividends.  There was a little touch of the romance between Mako, Asami and Korra but nothing to distract us from the real story which was a real plus.  I have nothing against the love triangle. I'm just saying that we should leave that story for later episodes (at least in my opinion). 

The action was animated and filmed well as usual and there is even one instance where an action shot was played twice but in a different angle.  That was pretty awesome! 

A very enjoyable episode to a good series.  Faith in the series has been restored.

Next week -- episode 7!

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