Ashley Tisdale Lands A Role In 'Scary Movie 5'

While news on the upcoming sequel Scary Movie 5 has been coming at a snail's pace, an interesting casting bit has been dropped today.

Ashley Tisdale, known most famously for her role in the High School Musical films, has been cast in Dimension Films' fifth Scary Movie.  Tisdale is the first confirmed cast member -- although Regina Hall, Anthony Anderson and Kevin Hart are all rumored to be returning.  Hall has appeared in every installment of the franchise and this marks the first entry that will be without series' star Anna Faris.

Tisdale will most likely be taking the leading reigns from Faris, playing a new character.
With production slated to begin this summer for Scary Movie 5, we've finally got our first bit of casting news which was announced today in a press release from The Weinstein Company. Much to our surprise, Ashley Tisdale has secured herself as one of the leads in the latest installment of the highly anticipated SCARY MOVIE franchise. Tisdale joins director Malcolm Lee, who will be teaming up and working side-by-side with legendary comedy director David Zucker (AIRPLANE, THE NAKED GUN franchises). Zucker wrote and directed SCARY MOVIE 3 and 4 and is also co-writing and producing SCARY MOVIE 5.
Source: HorrorBid