Microsoft Event - E3 2012

Microsoft's Event at E3 was very impressive. 

To kick things off, Microsoft showed off their new game, Halo 4. With some new enemies, new environments and new weapons, this installment of the Halo franchise promises to be an even better game than all the rest.  Halo is due to be released in time for the holidays on November 6th, 2012.

Afterwards, Sam Fisher is now returning in Splinter Cell: Blacklist with some cool voice activated technology using the KinectSam Fisher is no longer being voiced by Michael Ironside, instead being played by Eric Johnson of Rookie Blue and the Flash Gordon remake.  The gameplay was pretty cool.

Along with announcements on FIFA 13 and Madden 13, who had Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana (49ers!!!)  showing off the voice activated gameplay using the Kinect, their were also announcements of Fable: The Journey and Gears of War: Judgment

Microsoft then announced Microsoft SmartGlass, an app that connects your mobile devices as a second screen for your Xbox 360. This works with both games and other media.  It will also allow Xbox users to finally browse the internet with Internet Explorer.  It launches this fall.

They also announced a new Tomb Raider game, Ascend: New Gods, LocoCycle, Matter (which director Gore Verbinski helped develop), Resident Evil 6 (looks really cool), Wreckateer (made for Kinect), and Dance Central 3.

To end the madness, they showed off Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  Looks like a great game!

You can check out Microsoft's entire event below!