New Anime On Toonami Ranks #1 In Young Adult Demographic

Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins ranked #1 among certain young adult demographics during Toonami's re-premiere on Adult Swim.

The first episode of Deadman Wonderland was #1 in the 12:30 am timeslot for the 18-24 demographic which was up 14% for the same time slot from last year.  Casshern Sins was #1 in the 1:00 am timeslot for the 18-24 demographic.

Jason DeMarco, former Toonami producer and recently promoted vice president of strategic marketing and promotions for Adult Swim responded to the ratings:

"It did OKAY. Not bad but not measurably better than the week before. We need to do better. Hopefully we will!"

This is great news for all Toonami fans!  Let's hope this rise continues.

Source: ANN