TV Review: 'The Legend Of Korra' Episode 8

Due to me slacking off, this review is EXTREMELY LATE!  So, there will be this review and then the next episode's review will be up this weekend.  Hopefully. 

Chief Saikhan, who is taking over for Chief Beifong, vows that he is going to protect Tarrlok's task force.  Korra and Tarrlok argue as Tarrlok continues to ask Korra to join him but she refuses. 

Asami, Bolin, Mako and Korra patrol the city and they capture some Equalists, to the dismay of Tarrlok.  Tarrlok then passes a law that makes all non-benders have a curfew.

Tarrlok has Korra's friends arrested to stop her from freeing the civilians that were captured by police.
They later confront each other in Tarrlok's office.  Korra mentions that Tarrlok is doing exactly what Amon says are bad about the benders and Tarrlok then attacks her.  She finds out that he is a blood bender.  He captures her and takes her out of the city.

This episode sort of proved my previous point that Tarrlok was bad.  It's not completely known if he does, in fact, work for Amon, but it still wouldn't surprise me.  Maybe Korra and Tarrlok work together later on in the series?  You know, the whole misunderstanding thing.  I bet there will be an episode about Tarrlok and his past. 

This was a decent episode.  Let's continue this good streak.

Next week -- Episode 9!