Exciting Sequels On The Horizon

The future appears bright for the film industry. There is a diverse array of thrilling sequels in the pipeline, many of which may shock or surprise those who had either given up hope on a sequel to a particular film they loved, or to those who wouldn’t dare expect development of a sequel to be already taking place on a film so recently released.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

One example of the latter form of surprise, one of shock at how quickly the sequel to the recently released The Amazing Spider-Man is being developed, is the news relating to the sequel of the still box-fresh web slinging original. Development of the sequel is reportedly well underway, with two of the brains behind Transformers having been drafted in to refine the already completed first draft of the script. Sony have announced the release date to be May 2, 2014, meaning it will not be too long before everyone’s favorite genetically mutated superhero will swing his way back onto cinema screens across the world. One salient change to the film’s development process could be the director, however, as Marc Webb, the director of the original Amazing Spider-Man, has been reported as saying ‘well, I don’t know if I want to do it, but I love the process. It’s like asking a woman who’s just given birth if she wants to get pregnant again. I need to nurse the baby for a little while’. Since the film will require a director imminently if it is to be released by May 2014, it could well be the case that the reluctant Webb may well abandon the role.

300: Battle of Artemisia

The original 300 proved to be a massive success for its director, Zach Snyder, selling well in box offices around the world. However, crafting a sequel proved a difficult prospect given that the graphic novel on which the movie was based was a standalone piece. However, Frank Miller, the creator of 300, has claimed to have finished writing the plot for a prequel to his original work entitled Xerxes, which 300 director Snyder has already expressed an interest in as a source for a film adaptation. Entitled ‘Battle of Artemisia’, it looks set to differ significantly from the original film in terms of casting, with the old guard of Gerard Butler and Leana Headey only being offered cameo roles in the film. Indeed, the casting approach is an interesting one, as producer Bernie Goldmann, who helped oversee the original 300 film and will take a similar role in its prequel, has suggested that the film will boast little-known actors rather than stellar A-list stars. “When you make a period movie like [Battle of Artemisia], it’s great not to know the actors. For me, as an audience, it always brings me into the movie more. You can’t see Tom Cruise in a historical movie.” This is an unconventional move for such a high-profile Hollywood blockbuster, but doubtless the film will prove popular if it continues in the same vein of its precursor.
With Gerard Butler and other celebrities being shunned in the casting of 300: Battle of Artemisia, others will be lining up to take the role of veteran Spartan.
xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

The high octane xXx series, the perfect films to showcase a new home cinema set up, looks set to add another sequel to its blisteringly fast-paced portfolio. As the title suggests, it will feature the return of the ultimate stuntman-come-crime fighter Xander Cage, who will be acted by the muscle-bound star of the original xXx, Vin Diesel. The previous director of xXx, Rob Cohen, will be replaced by the director of ‘Invincible’, Ericson Core. The latest xXx film will be written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris (also behind ‘The Game’, ‘Terminator Salvation’ and Surrogates). It having been 8 years since starring in the first xXx, which banked an impressive $277 million in box offices worldwide, it will be interesting to see if Vin Diesel will be able to draw on the experience he gained during those years as star of such films as The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Fast and Furious series to add even more adrenaline-fuelled, death defying stunts to the sequel.

Vin Diesel will hope to make a momentous return in the forthcoming sequel xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.
(The above article was submitted by Katie Bartram.)

Katie Bartram is a freelance writer and movie lover living near London. Her favorite movies involve any kind of super hero and if she could have a super power herself it would definitely involve flying.