Matthew McConaughey Confirms 'Magic Mike 2' Is In The Works

Okay, this may be interesting to some of you (females).  Matthew McConaughey has confirmed that a Magic Mike 2 is definitely in the works.  Nope, not making this up.  But not everything is exactly final, per se...
Should Tatum and Team "Magic Mike" finally get all the details together to continue the tale of Mike and his stripping pals, McConaughey knows that his character Dallas can't become a caricature in the sequel. "In the right way [I would come back]. It would be so much fun, but I would only be able to do to revisit Dallas if I really go 'OK, that's what he would be doing.' And Dallas can't become like all of a sudden obviously comedic," he explained. "I'd have to keep him the same tone. He's committed."

Source: MTV