Samuel L. Jackson Talks Hopeful 'Star Wars' Return

In a recent interview, most about Samuel L. Jackson's role in Django Unchained, Jackson revealed towards the end that he'd love to return to the Star Wars films via the new trilogy, Star Wars Episode VII, VIII, IX.

Mace Windu was a memorable character, but was also a character that was introduced back when Anakin was a small child -- fast forward 60 Mace even still alive?
"Yeah, I'd love to be a part of that," he says. "I think it'd help people come back to the franchise, to have some familiar characters before they start introducing all the new ones."

So you wouldn't mind being a ghost? "I don't know why I'd have to be a ghost. I'm a Jedi! I fell out of a window and they took my hand off. I could show up as a one-handed Jedi - alive!"
Source: The Northern Star