Seth Gordon Talks 'Horrible Bosses 2'

With a Horrible Bosses 2 a somewhat definite go, director Seth Gordon spoke a little on what it will take to top the original -- or, what little needs to be'll make sense, just read the quote.  Improv, baby...
Do you know which film you’ll direct next?

GORDON: It could be Horrible Bosses 2 or WarGames, or something else could come up. I love this hybrid tone and doing more complicated, nuanced character work, so I’m really hoping to find something like that.

With as successful as Horrible Bosses was, do you worry about being able to top that?

GORDON: Yeah, that’s tough. The thing is, those three guys are so good together, and so much of that movie was unscripted. We completely riffed and discovered stuff that wasn’t on the page, and I feel like we’d be able to do that again. I just want to make sure the plot holds up. That plot of the first one was really good. You didn’t see that gunshot coming. You didn’t see some of those turns.
Source: Collider