What Do We Know About 'Jurassic Park 4'?

So what do we really know about the upcoming Jurassic Park 4?  Besides the fact that it was just given a June 13, 2014 release date, there's not a whole lot we do know.

Obviously this fourth installment, like the third, will not be based on a Jurassic Park novel, as there were only two to begin with.  We know the first JP was exactly what it needed to be -- so there's a setting/plot worth noting.  Now with The Lost World: Jurassic Park, we found out what didn't work: do not bring the dinosaurs to America, it just doesn't work.  Jurassic Park III was slightly improved upon by learning from that mistake -- keep the setting where it was always intended to be: on the islands.

JP3 gained a few brownie points by having Sam Neil reprise his role as well as Laura Dern returning in a small cameo-esque role.

So, since Jurassic Park 4 is aiming to introduce the franchise to a new audience, the most common/safest scenario would be to set the film on the islands, where it all started.  As for characters, a few returning faces wouldn't hurt, but it isn't needed, per se.

Sam Neil was quoted a couple years ago saying that he didn't believe a fourth film was warranted, since the passing of creator Michael Crichton.  And as a recent as last year, Joseph Mazzello has expressed interest in returning to the franchise.  There are needs to be a couple of pieces connecting the previous films to this new one.  And if this truly is the launch of a new trilogy, then we mustn't learn everything about what's happening on the island in this new film, or what has transpired since 2001.

We also know this will have noting to do with gun-toting dinosaurs (thank god).  It sounds funny, but it was, at one time, a real idea, complete with concept art.

I'm expecting a classic take on the story, something that will re-invite us through the gates of Jurassic Park, perhaps even a little nostalgic.  I'd assume that once scripting duties are 100% complete (which I'm sure they're not) then a director should be announced -- and I'd be shocked if Joe Johnston returns to direct -- not that he's a bad choice, but I believe this just isn't the project for him.

What do YOU know about JP4?