'All American Massacre' Finally Nearing Completion

What's All American Massacre, you ask?  Well, it was a film that was to be directed by William Hooper and starred Bill Moseley as Chop-Top, once again in a sequel/prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.  It's a project that was started well over a decade ago, and it seems that is now, finally, nearing completion.

Incarcerated for over 24 years in solitary confinement at a Texas State Psychiatric Hospital. One of the most notorious serial killers of the past century is interviewed by a Tabloid News crew.

Recalling fond memories of happier times in his younger years we Flash Back to the 70's and get a 'TASTE' of life during one fateful evening for a group of four youths who encounter his hospitality as we join him for an over-the-top killing spree.

As the interview winds to a close the Tabloid News crew get more that they bargained for as they experience what is be the last in a long line of these all american massacres.
From the website...

Featuring Bill Moseley (Chop-Top from TCM2) as the demented but lovable killer.

Introducing Todd Bates (make-up artist and prop-maker for "Fight Club," "Hollow Man," and "Buffy, theVampire Slayer," among others) playing the killer as a young man.

With Stephan Lokotsch ("The Hook-Armed Man") and Danielle Burgio ("Blade" and John Carpenter's "Vampires") as a pair of hapless victims, along with a talented cast of newcomers.

Music score is by 'Buckethead ', the guitar wizard who has toured with Primus and for Gun & Roses.

Additional Music provided by 'The Rubber Chickens'

Both official trailers:

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