Could Harry Osborn Be Venom In 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'?

Now this is interesting!  Is there a slight chance that Harry Osborn could become Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?  Before you freak out, the evidence suggests yes.

In a cryptic tweet sent out by director Marc Webb, wishing someone a happy birthday via hashtag (confirmed to be Dane "the new Harry" DeHaan's birthday), there was an accompanying photo of a #14 locker.  Now this is only significant if you're a die hard Spider-Man fan.
In the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, the similarities are a lot closer. The Venom symbiote is a creation of Doctor Octopus (working for Norman Osborn) based on a blood sample left behind by Spider-Man during a battle. That symbiote sought to be reunited with its genetic source (Spider-Man) but when rejected by Peter it found a new source: Harry Osborn.

Harry used the suit to become a new Spider-Man (to impress his father) but eventually the suit twisted him into becoming Venom. Harry-Venom would go on to attack his own father (Norman Osborn), then unite with his father (Venom and Green Goblin) to battle Spider-Man – but eventually Harry was “cured” by serum injected into him by Peter. One can easily see how this cartoon continuity could fit into the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe.
It's an interesting theory, but it's a stretch if you ask me -- so I suppose you can draw your own conclusions.

Source: Screen Rant