Mila Kunis Not Disinterested In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

It has been rumored that Mila Kunis may be interested in playing the film version of Anastasia in a Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  And at a press junket for Oz: The Great and Powerful, Mario Lopez asked Kunis if she was, in fact, interested in the project.  Her response: "I'm not disinterested."

So basically, if the studio throws a lot of money her way, then count her in -- maybe.  Who knows nowadays.  Perhaps the studio is better off casting an unknown to play the lead.

But as now, Kunis is "not disinterested" -- whatever that means in this case.

I wouldn't put any role past her.  After all, she did do the horrible American Psycho 2: All American Girl.