Nice New 'Star Trek: TNG' DVD Packaging To Be Released

Star Trek fans will rejoice (or boo) over a new, cool design for the DVD packages of the classic sci-fi series; Star Trek: The Next Generation (or simply TNG).  Each DVD has the face of one of the main cast members on the cover with an image of the star ship Enterprise embedded in the face. The DVDs will be released on April 16 and you can get a head start by ordering the first two seasons exclusively at starting March 12. 

The DVDs will contain the same material (which includes the bonus material) so it's a shame that it couldn't at least have some new material like additional behind the scenes footage or new photos or even new commentary but I guess this is being sold as more of a collector's item.

Check out each design more closely below:

If you are a Star Trek fan, would you buy these new DVDs?

Source: StarTrek