TV: Kevin Pollak Joining CBS' 'Beverly Hills Cop'

Kevin Pollak is set to join the CBS TV series Beverly Hills Cop, a quasi-sequel/spinoff of the film franchise of the same name.
Kevin Pollak has been cast in CBS’ Beverly Hills Cop pilot, from Shawn Ryan, Eddie Murphy and Sony Pictures TV. The hourlong project, a continuation of the movie franchise, centers around Axel Foley’s police officer son Aaron (Brandon T. Jackson), who takes down the criminal elements of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Pollak, repped by Buchwald/Fortitude and Evolution, will play Rodney Daloof, the irritating and incredibly risk-adverse in-house attorney for the Beverly Hills Police Department, a stickler for rules and a loud mouth. Like Jackson and Murphy, who will guest star in the pilot, Pollak comes from a standup background.
Source: Deadline