Universal Wants A 'Mama' Franchise

With the breakout success of Universal's Mama, there's no doubt that sequel discussions have begun.  Why not?  Isn't that what studios want, a successful franchise?  Of course.

Mama producer David Kosse believes there is potential for a franchise.
With Mama having grossed $89.2m [$68.2m from the US] with 43 territory openings still to come, including UK, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Japan and Italy, Kosse admits the prospects of a sequel are good.

“We think there’s potential for a Mama franchise,” he added.

“We’d like to do another one. But those conversations are in the early stages.

“Mama is the first of this type of model that we’ve had enormous success with so there are more opportunities for this kind of film.”
The thing about Mama is that I'm not entirely convinced that it would benefit from a sequel -- it's a pretty good standalone film.

Source: Screen Daily