'Scream 5' A Possible Next Project, Says Wes Craven

In an interview with AMFM Magazine at the SXSW film festival, director Wes Craven spoke to the mag about YEAH, a new platform that basically expands a director's commentary into a visual feature.  But was was even more interesting is what came out of Craven's mouth when asked what his next project was going to be.

Of course he touched on the comic he is involved with, but the legendary director also stated that it could possibly be Scream 5.  Wait, what?!  Could the Weinsteins finally be moving forward with the fifth entry?  Not so fast.  Craven has been adament via Twitter that a fifth Scream is nothing but a fan's wish at the moment -- but his recent comment does bring some interesting theories to the surface...like, is Dimension kickstarting this damn thing already?

Let's hope so.