About That 'Evil Dead' Post-Credit Scene (Beware Spoilers)

Okay, so if you're reading this, then hopefully you've already seen the Evil Dead remake which hit theaters in the U.S. last Friday.  So this is your warning, spoilers ensue...


Okay, at the end of the Evil Dead credits, and after a pretty cool homage with the necronomicon recording, we see a man's profile in darkness, the man turns to the camera, it's Ash (Bruce Campbell) and he says "Groovy!" -- cut to black, the end.

Originally some fans had taken this as a hint of things to come, perhaps Ash would be involved with the sequel somehow, or perhaps indicating that this was a sequel and not a remake.

Well, after careful deliberation and, well, reading interviews with the filmmakers, I have concluded that this is what it has always been -- a remake -- just with a nice little winking homage at the end.  That's it.  Nothing less, nothing more.

This may be non-news to a lot of you and that's fine.  I sort of "got it" when I first seen it, there wasn't any confusion on my end.

So what did you think of the post-credits scene?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!