The Force Is Strong In Her, A Kind Of Epic Interview With Ashley Eckstein

The force was with us at this year's C2E2 because among the crowded guest list for this years convention was, Ashley Eckstein the actor who voices Ahsoka Tahno on Star Wars the Clone Wars and who is bringing Star Wars to nerd girls of all ages by providing clothing designed specifically for them.

Fully half of all science fiction fans are women and as Ashley pointed out at her panel Fierce Females of television this weekend they also control eighty percent of all U.S. purchasing power. Those are numbers so large even a marketing padawan should be able to see the common sense that has made Her Universe a much deserved success.

Ashley says that it was a selfish decision to make her company. She went looking for Star Wars shirts designed for women and girls for herself and simply couldn’t find any. After finding out she would need to have a company before Lucasfilm would allow her to receive a license to make any t-shirts she did exactly that and Her Universe was born. Simply because there wasn’t a product available for an actual female Jedi let alone for the average female fan.

That has changed. Now her universe is actually being approached by companies such as the BBC which has partnered with Her Universe to produce a line of Doctor Who clothing. She also has lines for SYFY original series BSG and Warehouse 13. In a diplomatic maneuver worthy of captain Janeway she has even managed to get Star Trek products to coexist alongside Star Wars as well as a new product line she will be announcing later this summer.

We were grateful for Ashley’s time at this years convention and especially grateful to be let into the Star Wars Universe for our first interview from an actor in arguably the nerdiest franchise of all time. You could say it gave the entire Kind of Epic crew a new hope.

And after we are done treating our blaster wounds in the bacta tank after using that last pun on you all we hope you will enjoy our interview with the voice behind Ahsoka and the person behind the helm at Her Universe.

Thanks to guys of Kind of Epic Show for their fantastic work at this year's C2E2!