Evan Goldberg's 'This Is The End' Sequel Ideas

This is the End writer-director Evan Goldberg was recently asked about the possibility of a sequel, even though the (SPOILER ALERT!) film does not lend itself to a sequel.

Here's Goldberg's response:
If you ask me, I’d say there’s a good chance of sequel. If you ask Seth, he’d say no. So, we’ll see. The guys are up for it but we lucked out that they were all available. I honestly don’t know if we could get the guys together.

We actually talked about doing a sequel where it starts at the premiere of This is the End. Seth’s a cokehead in this version, Michael Cera is a calm dude with a boyfriend, Rihanna and The Backstreet Boys are back. We have a lot of ideas: a heaven and hell, for example, and a garden of Eden version where Danny [McBride] is Adam.
I can dig it.  Although I'd really like to see a Pineapple Express 2...

Source: Screen Daily