Kind Of Epic Show: Goliath, Candy Man And Etrayu Walk Into A Con

#Goliath #Candyman #Etrayu. We bring you a mix of old and new convention coverage from this years Days of the Dead Indianapolis and a special archived interview from C2E2 2012 in Chicago. Our guests this week are none other than Candyman, Klingon, and Decepticon: Tony Todd. Noah Hathaway the actor from The Never Ending Story, Troll, and Sushi Girl. The Tony and Emmy Award winning actor behind Goliath, The Arbiter, and Admiral Anderson: Keith David. A small caveat this may be our most explicit episode to date as interviews were on site at the convention, focused on horror, remarkably candid and off the cuff. Also be prepared for Gabes impression of the Childlike Empress, its not prettty but it is Kind of Epic!