Kind Of Epic Show: The Tortoise Has The Phonebox!

Welcome to another edition of Kind of Epic Show. In the grand tradition of Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz you will need to synch this weeks Podcast to our Kind of Epic youtube channel as we delve directly into the projects that kept us away from the mics over the past month. We have an audio commentary for our 48 hour film festival entry, The Tortoise and the Hare! The Kind of Epic Superheroes you have all been waiting for. Go to our founder David's page here: and sych on our commands for something so epic it....well it's Kind of Epic isn't it?

This is also the first time all of us have been together since the big announcement of Peter Capaldi taking on the job as the Doctor! So we talk Tardis in anticipation of what is sure to be a wonderful new era for the oldest Science Ficiton drama on tv.

Our hosts get into a bit of an argument as to whether post announcment Peter Capaldi should have a cameo in the fiftieth anniversary special? What are you thoughts? We vallue listener feedback and will read any responsed or general comments on the show and we might even mail you a t-shirt for your troubles! As we are a type 40 podcast the time and space coordinates can get a bit jumbled up so while we can't promise any package would arrive quickly we can promise it will arive where it needs to be.

Thanks to all our new mobile listeners on stitcher, the windows mobile store, tunein, and ofcourse itunes. Please feel free to write us a review or read a comment and as always remember to make it Kind of Epic!