Top 10 Good Classic Scary Movies For Halloween

One of the best parts of celebrating Halloween is watching a good scary movie. Whether you are spending time with a date and want the extra cuddle time or you just enjoy scary movies, you need to take time to watch some of these classics this year. These are the top ten movies for Halloween.

Poltergeist is one of the classic scary movies. It is creepy enough to scare some adults, but at the same time safe for kids who love to be scared, as well. This was written by Steven Spielberg and MichealGrais and instantly became a classic.

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The Exorcist
If you are looking for good scary movies, you have to include The Exorcist on your list. This is the movie that will keep you up at night, wishing you had never watched it. It is a classic story of demonic possession and the attempts to save the girl.

Paranormal Activity
Although Paranormal Activity is a fairly new release, it manages to perfectly balance the tension needed to really drive up the fear you will feel as you watch the movie. This is a great movie because of everything that is happening off camera, as well.

Blair Witch Project
This is a classic because it introduced a new style of horror film and revolutionized the horror industry. This is the story of a student documentary project gone horribly wrong.

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When you are choosing movies for Halloween, you have to include Halloween on the list. The 1978 version of Halloween is the best one to see and it is a typical slasher movie with the group of friends being stalked as the doctor tries to hunt down the killer.

Psycho is a true classic. This Alfred Hitchcock movie builds the suspense slowly. It is masterfully shot and directed and every true horror fan should see it at least once.

The Shining
There is a reason that “Here’s Johnny” still strikes fear into all that have watched this movie. Jack Nicholson does a great job of portraying the father who has a horrible breakdown. It is based on the book “The Shining” by Stephen King.

The Ring
The Ring is a classic horror film based on a Japanese film by the same name. The journalist finds a videotape that seems to be causing the deaths of a series of people in the community.

The Cabin in the Woods
The Cabin in the Woods is like a love letter to horror fans. It deconstructs the genre and is a must see for anyone that really loves the genre. Joss Whedon does a great job directing this horror movie.

Monster House
Monster House is great if you are looking for a kid friendly horror film. It is the animated story of house that goes crazy and tried to destroy the neighborhood. The suspense is great throughout the movie and it is a great way to introduce your kids to the genre.

Honorable Mentions: It is hard to narrow down from all of the good scary movies available. These five did not make the top ten, but are great movies for Halloween and a must see if you love scary movies.

The Others
The Orphanage
Rosemary’s Baby
Let the Right One In

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