'Scream 5' Still A Possibility

Scream 5 may not be dead after all.  Harvey Weinstein is actually trying to talk his brother, Bob, into doing a fifth.  At his Zurich Film Festival Masterclass, Weinstein was quoted concerning Scream 5.
Weinstein said that he's urging his brother Bob, who heads Dimension Films, to make "Scream 5" happen. "Everyone lived in ‘Scream 4," he said. "I'm begging him to do the movie and just end it. We've milked that cow."
My thoughts: Kevin Williamson has already penned a draft of Scream 5 (and Scream 6 outline), so let's just do this damn thing before the new series from MTV puts a different spin on things.  I have no doubts that the MTV series will be decent, but it will take the series in a new direction and could leave moviegoers with a bad taste in their mouths with S5.

So, yeah...Scream 5 may not be dead...

Source: Indiewire