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4 Kinds Of Science Fiction Movie Technology That Exists In The Real World

From the self-assembling robots of "Transformers 4" to the exoskeletons of "Ironman 3" and "Elysium," advanced technology continues to play a prominent role in the plots of today's hottest science fiction and action films. Already, the public finds itself duped regarding the existence of movie-based technologies; results of a 2011 survey from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation indicate that the vast majority of moviegoers prove clueless in terms of which film technologies exist in real life and which remain mere fantasies. While many mistakenly believe in concepts such as time travel and co-existing dinosaurs and humans, still others remain unaware of real-world technological miracles such as invisibility cloaks and biometrics. Modular Robotic Cubes No, the robots from "Transformers" do not yet exist in real life, but scientists are certainly coming close, thanks to the development of self-assembling modular ro

'Child's Play 3' Actor Is Nastier Than Chucky

Child's Play 3 You might get a kick out of this. According to TMZ, the actor who played Tyler in Child's Play 3 , Jeremy Sylvers, apparently likes to pee on people at parties -- and call his girlfriend names... A kid actor who starred in the horror flick "Child's Play 3" has grown up to be a violent man who once whipped out his junk and peed on guests at a party ... this according to an ex-GF. Octavia Taylor got a temporary restraining order against Jeremy Sylvers ... who played military school student Ronald Tyler in the 1991 Chucky movie. Taylor claims in the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- she dumped Sylvers after he got drunk at a party ... tried to start multiple fights ... and capped off the evening by whizzing on several guests. Taylor claims after they left the party ... Sylvers called her a "a f**k whore," "a bitch" and "a piece of sh*t." Taylor says she's especially worried ... because she and Sylvers still liv