LeBron James Set To Star In 'Space Jam 2'

The inner kid in me geeked out when I heard the news that a Space Jam 2 was in the works -- and then I shrieked a little bit when that news was accompanied with the news that Miami Heat star LeBron James would be playing the live-action lead.  Maybe that's just because I'm an Indiana Pacers fan.  Either way, Space Jam 2 is a definite go...so why not?
EXCLUSIVE: What’s up, doc? A broken nose. Ouch! After he recovers from the injury suffered in last night’s game, NBA MVP LeBron James will be ready for his close-up — with Bugs Bunny.

Broadcasting veteran Dick Ebersol‘s sons have come on board to develop the sequel to 1996 animated/live-action hit Space Jam as a starring vehicle for James, the studio confirmed.
So is LeBron ready to join forces with the Tune Squad and take on the Monstars?

Source: Deadline

Image © browniedjhs