Clay Enos: Man of Steel, Superman/Batman, and Watchmen set Photographer

Clay Enos is one of the people who inspired the creation of Kind of Epic Show. We wanted to showcase Epic people while providing our "kind of" epic commentary. Clay is currently hard at work on the set of Superman/Batman in Detroit as the set photographer a position he held on Watchmen, Man of Steel, Sucker Punch and 300 Rise of an Empire. In each case his work became the focus of a companion book documenting the behind the scenes process of movie and mythmaking even providing the image of Rorschach that became Watchmen's iconic poster. Clay also combined his passion for coffee and pop art while working on Watchmen to bring Night Owl coffee to life complete with a custom made Veidt logo.

We talked to Clay initially in late 2011 the day of the announcement of Henry Cavill's casting. Clay was kind enough to call us back from the Warner Brothers lot and Zach Snyder's office just after that important meeting because his phone died on us while recording our interview beforehand. This time history repeated as Clay called us while on the road to Chicago for this years C2E2 the day Cyborg's casting announcement was made.
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