Critics and moviegoers everywhere fell in love with Tim Burton's 1989 triumph Batman -- and it 1992 the sequel came along -- this time offering us not one, but multiple villains for really the first time any sort of superhero movie.  We had The Bat, The Cat and The Penguin -- we had Batman Returns.

Having defeated the Joker, Batman now faces the Penguin - a warped and deformed individual who is intent on being accepted into Gotham society. Crooked businessman Max Schreck is coerced into helping him become Mayor of Gotham and they both attempt to expose Batman in a different light. Earlier however, Selina Kyle, Max's secretary, is thrown from the top of a building and is transformed into Catwoman - a mysterious figure who has the same personality disorder as Batman. Batman must attempt to clear his name, all the time deciding just what must be done with the Catwoman.

From Graeme Roy on IMDb

My thoughts:
Whoa, baby -- Batman Returns!  Oh how I adored (and still do) this sequel!  Honestly, my favorite part of was the badass toys from McDonalds at the time...that breakaway Batmobile was the bee's knees.  Keaton was great, Pfeifer was hot and DeVito was creepy and menacing.  A great superhero flick!


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