Chinese Audience Growing Tired Of Sequels! Say What?!

In a recent study, it seems that the Chinese moviegoing audiences are growing tired of sequels and big Hollywood FX movies (or both at the same time with the Transformers movies).
Chinese audiences are growing weary of Hollywood's movie sequels and effects-driven extravaganzas, according to a new report about the mainland's film industry released Tuesday.
It's sort of a head-scratcher considering a lot of Chinese films spawn many sequels themselves (as do Japanese film franchises).
But the majority of the box office growth in the world's largest foreign market was contributed by Chinese films. They grossed $2.06 billion last year, up 54.3 percent over 2012, and made up 58.6 percent of the box office total.
This leads me to wonder if we'll start seeing a steady increase in movies be imported to the US, subtitled, and shown on screens across the country.  I wouldn't be against it.

Source: TheWrap 
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