Don Mancini Talks CHUCKY 7 Again, Keeping The Tone Dark

We spoke to CHILD'S PLAY/Chucky creator Don Mancini a couple weeks back where he remained tight-lipped on the CHUCKY 7 matter, but that bird is beginning to sing in this new interview with Collider...
Is there a follow up to Curse of Chucky in the works? Will it follow the new, darker tone?

MANCINI: I am working on Chucky 7, yes.

FIONA DOURIF: Wow, he said it.

Is it going to take that darker path that Curse did?

MANCINI: Yes, it continues quite quickly on the last movie and Chucky bedevils [Fiona’s] character again.
I'm also hoping that Alex Vincent will be brought back again, only in a much more expanded role this time around -- and not some post-credits love letter to the fans.

Source: Collider 
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