HALLOWEEN H20 Almost Had Two Killers, SCREAM Style

Adam Hann-Byrd, who played Charlie in HALLOWEEN H20, recently chatted with Halloween Daily News and revealed some pretty cool information -- there was originally supposed to be two killers in H20!

This really comes as no surprise as the original treatment and first draft of HALLOWEEN H20 was written by SCREAM creator Kevin Williamson.  The plan was to have Charlie be a Michael Myers copycat, executing a string of murders at the California prep school.  The twist?  The real Myers would appear at the end and put an end to Charlie's mayhem.
“When Halloween came along, I guess I was in high school at the time," Adam recalls. "The script came my way, and I was really excited because in the original draft I got, Charlie was actually a bad guy."
I can dig it.  He goes on:
"He was a copycat killer who was copying Michael Myers and wreaking havoc at the boarding school," Adam explains. "Then of course in the end, the real Michael Myers comes and exacts revenge upon him.

"So I was like totally pumped about it, because I’ve always wanted to play a villain, and I’ve always been a fan of the Halloween movies. I was very excited."
This would have made for a very interesting HALLOWEEN film, almost along the lines of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING.

Charlie was to be John Tate's roommate and would eventually reveal himself by singing the Oscar-Meyer themes song, but change the spelling to M-Y-E-R-S.

How do you think this version would have fared?

Read the full interview with Adam over at Halloween Daily News
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